Industrial Lift Trucks - Forklifts, AGVs and Pallet Jacks


Warehouses and distribution centers need reliable power to keep workers productive and operations running at peak performance. Whether you’re running one lift truck or a whole fleet, a single-shift operation or multiple shifts, Douglas Battery can provide you with the right battery and charger solution for your operation.

Electric vehicles offer distinct advantages over internal combustion (IC) lift trucks:

  • Reduced maintenance for electric trucks vs. IC trucks means less downtime for electric vehicles. This could translate into fewer vehicles and less capital cost for a given facility or operation.
  • Longer service life for electric lift trucks...about 30% longer than IC trucks.
  • Easier OSHA and anti-pollution requirements. Safe, efficient operation in hazardous and controlled environments.
  • Lower fuel costs than for internal combustion units because electricity costs less per hour of work. Costs for battery power are lower even when factoring the replacement costs of batteries as an energy cost.
  • Lower overall operating costs. Studies show that electric trucks cost less to operate in the long run than IC trucks.