Legacy Rapid Charge Battery


Rapid charging pushes a battery to its design limits, requiring three times the standard charging rates and up to double the normal daily ampere hour (Ah) throughput. The Legacy® Rapid Charge battery is built to withstand these demands. It includes high performance positive plates, double intercell connectors and premium Douglas tray coating.  


The Legacy Rapid Charge battery is designed to endure charge rates up to 40-60% of the battery’s rated capacity.

Legacy Rapid Charge Battery


• Designed for rigorous demands of rapid charging

Key Features

• Patented high performance positive plates
• Extra thick intercell connectors
• Double cables and charge connectors
• Douglas ToughCoat tray coating
• Available in vented or standard tray depending on application

Compatible Chargers

• Complements a 40-60 amps per 100AH start rate charger
• Contact a Douglas Battery representative to ensure proper sizing of the charger.