Legacy Low Maintenance Battery


The Legacy® Low Maintenance battery delivers the power and cycle life associated with a standard flooded battery, but with lower maintenance costs. Our proprietary hybrid grid alloys allow extended watering intervals up to 90 days apart, and our separators and internal construction reduce gassing associated with water loss. And less watering means less maintenance downtime.


We engineered the Legacy Low Maintenance Battery without compromising the internal structure of the cell. And the Legacy Low Maintenance Battery can be charged by many standard charger technologies, including ferroresonant.


Legacy Low Maintenance Battery


• Less gassing for extended watering intervals
• Less maintenance downtime
• Lower maintenance costs
• Uncompromised internal structure for reliable performance

Key Features

• Patented plate design provides reliable performance through retention of active material
• Special lead alloy with the addition of a unique formulated separator reduces gassing during the charging cycle
• Douglas ToughCoat tray coating withstands corrosion
• Full 5-year limited warranty
• Flip-top vent caps for easy watering

Compatible Chargers

• Legacy HF Charger
• Legacy Series Charger
• Legacy Platinum Charger