Legacy High Performance Battery


The advantages of premium quality materials and engineering know-how are built into every Legacy High Performance battery to give you the most effective capacity and voltage for the long run.


The positive plate of a Legacy High Performance battery features the industry’s most conductive grid structure. That means there's less resistance to flow of current – and more power produced within the grid. The positive active material is “locked” to the grid for increased performance at all levels, especially at high current discharges. With this higher capacity over the life of the plate, you’ll notice more power to the load, cooler battery operation and lower maintenance costs.


Legacy High Performance Battery


• Long life
• Extended life and durability
• Reliable performance

Key Features

• Heavy, thick plates resist corrosion
• Low maintenance lead alloy reduces gassing and decreases water loss
• Full 5-year limited warranty
• Flip-top vent caps for easy watering

Compatible Chargers

• Legacy Titanium HF Charger
• Legacy Gold Series Charger
• Legacy Platinum Charger