Legacy Opportunity Charge Battery


The Legacy® Opportunity Charge Battery is designed for opportunity charging applications where the battery is charged at any given down time or “opportunity” throughout the day. Opportunity charging is not recommended for standard batteries as it can reduce the overall life of the battery.  It requires a battery built to withstand higher charge rates and increased daily ampere hours (Ah) throughput.


Legacy Opportunity Charge batteries are designed to accept charge rates up to 25% of the battery’s rated capacity.

Legacy Fast Charge Battery


• Designed for rigorous demands of opportunity charging

Key Features

• Improved thick straps made with special tin alloy
• Patented high performance positive plates
• Extra thick intercell connectors
• Douglas ToughCoat tray coating withstands corrosion

Compatible Chargers

• LegaC2 Opportunity Charger
• Complements a 22-25 amps per 100AH start rate charger