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May, 2018:  Douglas Battery held our latest Douglas U class in Dallas, TX, hosted by our local rep group, Southland Battery. This year’s class consisted of 12 technicians and one sales coordinator from around the country. After two days of classroom and hands-on training, our class left with a better understanding of battery and charger serving. We would like to thank the following rep groups for sending their employees to this year’s class:

Daily Equipment
EverGreen Resources
DC Service Solutions
Texas Industrial Equipment
Maybury Equipment

It's our priority to insure that all of our representatives are trained to service the products they sell. Thanks again for your participation!

Southland Battery  


August, 2016:  Douglas Battery Takes High-Frequency Modular Charging to a Higher Level with the Introduction of LegaC2 Chargers. Our new line of chargers features some of the industry’s most compact, efficient and versatile designs, available as a free-standing or wall-mounted design. Read full press release.   


August, 2016:  Douglas Battery is proud to celebrate our 95-year anniversary in the industrial battery business in North America!  Founded in 1921, Douglas Battery has been providing reliable power, customer support and innovative battery and charger solutions to keep industrial equipment moving with maximized power and performance.  Read full press release.


September, 2015: Douglas Battery Online Calculator Makes It Easy to Calculate Forklift Conversion Costs
Douglas Battery offers fleet managers an easy way to calculate projected savings when converting from internal combustion (IC) forklifts to electric forklifts with its online IC-to-electric (IC2E) calculator at full press release.


April, 2015:  Highlights from ProMat Show 2015
The 2015 ProMat trade show and convention in Chicago was a huge success for Douglas Battery. We showcased our existing battery and charger products, as well as our newest charger line, the Raptor. Read full story.


March, 2015:  Douglas Battery is “Taking Charge” at ProMat 2015 with an Expanded Presence and New Line of Chargers
We increased our ProMat show presence by more than 350% this year to showcase our full line of products designed to meet the high power demands of today's industrial equipment, including forklifts, walkies and automatic guided vehicles.  Read full press release.


February, 2015:  Douglas Battery Launches New Raptor Rapid Battery Charger for Multi-Shift Operations
Our new fully automatic, high speed Raptor Rapid charger for large-scale industrial lift truck applications returns batteries to a full state of charge in about two hours, eliminating the need for battery changes in multi-shift operations. Read full press release.


August, 2014:  Douglas Battery Launches Two New Battery Chargers Designed to Reduce Energy Use and Extend Battery Life
We're pleased to introduce our new compact, high efficiency Douglas Legacy NEO charger for applications where space is limited, and our versatile, high-powered Douglas Legacy Insight HF charger that enables opportunity charge for a wide range of batteries. Read full press release.

June, 2014:  Enhanced Douglas DataTrac Battery Monitoring Device
The Douglas DataTrac battery monitoring device has been redesigned with a smaller, space-saving footprint and more robust, UL-compliant packaging that resists water and acid and provides added reliability in noisy environments. Read full press release.


April, 2014:  Outstanding Douglas Battery Representatives
We are pleased to recognize our Douglas Battery Representatives for their outstanding sales and support! And the winners are...  


November, 2013:  Natech Battery Expands Operations in Canada
Natech Battery is one of Douglas Battery’s largest representatives in Canada. Due to substantial growth, Natech Battery moved into a new facility in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, just outside of Montreal. This beautiful new 33,000 SF facility includes an 18,000 sq. ft. warehouse and 15,000 sq. ft. shop area for battery and charger repairs, as well as battery assembly. Natech Battery focuses on the sales and service of industrial batteries and chargers in the material handling industry, as well as diesel locomotives, with an emphasis on customer service. Natech Battery is poised for future growth and we at Douglas Battery are proud to be partnered with them.


July, 2013:  Douglas DataTrac now available!
Douglas DataTrac is a new battery monitoring system that makes it easier to manage battery life, maintenance and usage. With DataTrac, you can track battery usage, charge return, water level, temperature and equalization. The DataTrac fits every battery make and model and records minute by minute battery details. Save money by tracking and managing your energy use and your battery assets.


October, 2012:  Douglas Legacy Arctic Battery
The Douglas Legacy Arctic Battery delivers optimal voltage, capacity and service life in cold storage and freezer applications, while protecting against undercharging and de-rationing of capacity of capacity and charge resistance. Read full press release.


August, 2012:  Legacy Platinum SCR Charger
Our Legacy Platinum SCR charger uses an intelligent microprocessor to charge a range of battery technologies under a variety of environments.


January, 2012:  New Legacy Titanium HF Multi Charger
Check out our new Legacy Titanium HF Multi Charger which gives you all the advantages of HF technology and the ability to charge up to 4 batteries at one time!


December, 2011:  Seven Steps to Effective Forklift Training
Seven Steps to Effective Forklift Training - In this DC Velocity article, Peter Bradley offers guidelines on how to design and implement a successful forklift training program.


September, 2011:  New HF Opportunity Charger
Look for our new HF Opportunity Charger coming out in October! This new charger combines the advantages of HF technology with the convenience of opportunity charging. 


August, 2011:  A Look Down the Road 
"A Look Down the Road" This article in DC Velocity identifies four trends in lift truck batteries and accessories that could have a big impact on how you manage your warehouse. 


June, 2011:  Douglas Battery Launches Newly Designed Website
Douglas Battery launches newly designed website!  We've updated our look to make it easier to navigate and more informative for you. Please send an e-mail or fill out our contact form to tell us what you think. All comments and suggestions welcome! 


April, 2011:  Legacy Platinum Battery and Charger Systems
Legacy Platinum battery and charger systems offer the ultimate in maintenance free power. The VRLA battery and CFR charger combine to make the Legacy Platinum system the perfect match of superb power and hassle free operation.  


February, 2011:  New Legacy Titanium HF Charger
Douglas Battery introduces new Legacy Titanium HF Charger with advanced HF IGBT technology. Achieve higher efficiency and lower your costs with this advanced charger technology.