Legacy Pack Battery & Charger


The Legacy Pack® is perfect for light duty applications such as pallet jacks. It's a 24-volt system consisting of 4 maintenance-free, deep cycle batteries connected in a series/parallel configuration.


The Legacy Pack includes a 120 VAC onboard automatic charger. Simply find an outlet and plug in the charger for a complete 100% recharge. No more taking your pallet jack to a charging area!

Legacy Pack Photo


• The batteries and charger are together in one unit.
• The batteries are maintenance-free - no watering!
• Plug into an outlet for easy recharge.

Key Features

• 24-volt system consisting of 4 deep-cycle batteries
• Batteries are maintenance-free
• 120 VAC onboard automatic charger

Compatible Chargers

• This unit includes a charger. No additional charger needed.