Legacy Walkie Combo Battery & Charger


The Legacy® Walkie Combo is the perfect solution for light duty walkie-truck applications. It combines a sturdy, lead-acid battery with a charger in a single compact unit.


The Legacy High Performance Battery gives you the most effective capacity and voltage for the long run. And the perfectly matched charger ensures you get the best charge every time.


The Legacy Walkie Combo is one of the easiest, most convenient and safest battery and charger combinations available for pallet jacks.


Fork Lift


• Easy, convenient and safe for walkie-truck applications
• Battery and charger combined in a single, compact unit
• Lead alloy reduces gassing during charge cycle, reduces maintenance costs, decreases water loss and extends battery life
• Easy retro-fit for watering system

Key Features

• Low maintenance lead alloy battery
• Universal charger connector accepts any color SB 175
• Flip top vent caps for easy watering

Compatible Chargers

• Charger is part of the combo unit. No additional charger needed.