Watering Systems

Watering Systems

Douglas Battery offers watering systems from three industry leaders – Battery Watering Technologies (BWT), Flow-Rite, and Philadelphia Scientific (PSI).  

Unlike sealed (VRLA) batteries, flooded lead-acid batteries require watering at various intervals depending on usage. To do this manually, someone must remove or open the vent caps on each cell, check water levels, add the appropriate amount of water (being careful not to overfill), and then close each vent cap.  

As an alternative, you can automate this process by installing watering systems on your batteries. Watering systems from BWT, Flow-Rite and PSI offer many advantages: 

  • Saves time by reducing filling time by 90%. 
  • Reduces battery watering costs, often paying for itself within the first year of operation. 
  • Improves battery maintenance by filling to the proper level and eliminating over and under filling. 
  • Helps extend battery life by watering properly and reducing corrosion.  
  • Pre-assembled kits are easy to install on new batteries or retrofit on existing batteries. 

In addition to watering systems, we offer other watering accessories including: 

  • Deionizers to remove harmful impurities from the water before watering 
  • Battery watering monitors 
  • Watering carts  
  • Valves, connectors and pressure regulators 
  • Watering guns 

Douglas Battery Representatives can recommend watering systems and tools that are appropriate for your operation.   

PSI Water Injector [pdf 135kb]
PSI Water Injector Accessories [pdf 159kb]
Flow-Rite Millenium Plus Single Point Watering System [pdf 1mb]