Douglas DataTrac


Douglas DataTrac is a small battery monitoring device that attaches to a battery to collect data about the battery’s usage, charge return, water level, temperature and equalization. Collecting and analyzing this data allows you to manage your battery fleet more effectively so you can improve productivity, reduce costs and save time.


DataTrac fits every battery make and model and records minute by minute battery details that can be tracked using our Douglas Data Manager software. With easy-to-read reports and actionable data, you can improve the performance of your lift trucks.


Douglas DataTrac Device


• Manage battery life, maintenance and usage
• Improve the productivity of your lift trucks
• Reduce costs and save time with better battery management
• Ensure operators are charging and equalizing batteries properly

Key Features

• Fits every battery make and model
• Continuous monitoring of overall battery voltage
• Can be installed on truck or battery
• Upload data to PC via Bluetooth
• Douglas Data Manager Software turns DataTrac data into actionable information