Douglas DataTrac Reporting Suite

Douglas DataTrac™ Reporting Suite is a user-friendly reporting program that allows you to compile the data gathered by the Douglas DataTrac device. With this information you can monitor the usage, charge cycle, water level, temperature and equalization of every battery. The reports can help you determine the behavior of your team and when it may be necessary to make a service call.

Douglas DataTrac Reporting Suite allows you to view and monitor the smallest detail of your fleet. Reports also allow you to see and determine opportunities for cost savings as well as productivity gains.

Upload data to laptop or tablet within a range of up to 100 feet. Douglas DataTrac Reporting Suite analyzes DataTrac data so you can easily maximize personnel and asset performance, minimize asset inventory and increase productivity. The DataTrac dongle fits any USB drive and will collect the data from the DataTrac devices with ease.

Contact your Douglas sales representative for more information on the Douglas DataTrac Reporting Suite.
Douglas DataTrac Reporting Suite


• User-friendly software allows you to monitor your operation's efficiency
• Identify opportunities to reduce costs and increase productivity
• Reporting options make it easy to share data with your team

Key Features

• Works with the Douglas DataTrac battery monitoring device
• Simple graphics and easy-to-use functionality
• 100 feet of wireless range
• Reliable and accessible Technical Support