Legacy Mining Battery


There are few, if any, tougher environments than mining and Legacy® Mining batteries are designed to withstand these conditions.


Our mining batteries are built with high performance plates, low maintenance lead alloy, five-fold plate insulation system and MSHA-certified trays to provide superior performance, longer battery life and more reliable power.  Other batteries may cost less initially, but Legacy Mining batteries can outrun them over time – and keep on running – to give you the best possible return on your investment.  


Get more tons per man hour with Legacy High Performance Mining batteries.


Legacy Mining Battery


• Safe, reliable performance built to withstand the harsh conditions of mining
• MSHA certified tray designs

Key Features

• High performance plate design – long life through heavy, thick plates that resist corrosion
• Low maintenance lead alloy reduces gassing and extends battery life
• Five-fold plate insulation system assurance dependable performance
• Flame retardant Plastisol tray design resists corrosion and reduces voltage tracking and shorts
• Flip-top vent caps for easy watering

Compatible Chargers

• The Legacy Titanium HF Charger is compatible with some mining batteries, however, since mining batteries are
highly customized please call us at 1-800-DOUGLAS (1-800-368-4527) for your specific model.