Legacy Platinum Charger


The Legacy® Platinum SCR Charger uses state-of-the-art controlled ferroresonant technology to manage the charge cycle and improve your battery's performance.


Its precise control of the charge cycle protects batteries against overcharging, overheating and undercharging, which ultimately slows the battery aging process. And since charging is managed and terminated more accurately, you'll also notice lower AC energy costs. 


The Legacy Platinum SCR Charger can be used with both sealed and flooded batteries.


Legacy Platinum CR


• Guards against overcharging and undercharging your battery
• Superior charge management slows the battery aging process
• Accurate charging and termination lowers AC energy costs
• Can be used with both sealed and flooded batteries

Key Features

• Enhanced I-E-I charge profile improves recharge time
• DV/DT termination provides precise control of charging cycle
• Slow start current ramp-up prevents premature gassing
• Optional remote display unit resumes charging at proper point in the event of a power outage
• Many programmable options for both single and three phase models