Legacy Gold Charger


The Legacy® Gold Series Charger combines a power supply tailored specifically for today’s advanced lead-acid batteries with a highly responsive state of charge sensor.  The result is exceptional operation for maximized battery efficiency.


At the beginning of the charge cycle when the battery temperature is at its lowest point, the Legacy Gold Charger supplies more current to ensure battery temperature control.  And at the end of the charge cycle, when the charging current must be sufficient to allow the battery voltage to rise to an unconstrained level, the Legacy Gold Charger provides the appropriate charge.  

Gold Charger


• Delivers precisely the right charge so battery performs at peak potential
• Re-charge is accurately terminated which saves money on energy costs
• Eliminates overcharging
• Reduces battery gassing to increase watering intervals
• Battery temperature is minimized and plate-aging process is slowed

Key Features

• Three-high stackable cabinets
• Designed for 8 hour or less recharge time
• Programmable or manual equalize function
• Delayed start
• LED charge status indicators
• Battery state of charge "fuel gauge" indicator
• Quick Tap option for AC Voltage flexibility 208/240/480 voltage "outlets" (ideal for rental fleets)
• Optional remote control for added convenience