Raptor Rapid Charger


When it comes to fast charging, look no further than the Raptor™ Rapid charger by Douglas Battery. The Raptor charger is a high-frequency, high-speed fully automatic modular fast charger that can eliminate the need for battery changes.


With the Raptor charger, you can fully recharge your batteries 3 to 5 times faster than conventional units. It features high energy-efficiency and a high power factor that reduces operating costs while improving productivity.


The Raptor charger reduces or eliminates the need for battery changes with partial state of charge. Thermal management intelligence protects your battery by controlling the electrolyte temperature, reducing the risk of overheating.


No matter what your fleet demands, the Raptor charger can handle it.



Raptor Rapid Charger


• Eliminate battery changes in multiple shift operations
• The cabinet is configurable for both wall and floor mounting
• All models are fully automatic, just plug in and charge
• The Raptor charger can be used whenever a full or partial charge is needed
• If a module faults, charging continues, keeping you productive

Key Features

• USB to download and upload charger data
• 50/60hz frequency/multi-voltage automatic
• Automatic equalization