Douglas Data Manager


Douglas Data Manager is a software program that converts battery data into actionable information that you can use to make your operation run more efficiently. It collects and interprets data transitted by the Douglas DataTrac battery monitoring device including battery usage, water level, charge return, temperature and equalization. 


Douglas Data Manager is easy-to-use with user-friendly design features and reporting options, so you can easily see and share opportunities for savings and increased productivity. 


As always, you can count on Douglas Battery to back its products with technical support when you need it. Download our comprehensive manual below or contact John Ceriotti, Douglas Battery, 865.776.4030 or Bryan Norris, Aker Wade Technologies, 434.975.6001, ext 822 for licensing or installation questions.  


For the Douglas Data Manager software, download it here.  During the first part of installation, a PC Key will be generated. Please email your PC Key to and we will email you a code to finish installation.  


DataManager Image


• User-friendly software allows you to monitor your operation's efficiency
• Identify opportunities to reduce costs and increase productivity
• Reporting options make it easy to share data with your team

Key Features

• Works with the Douglas DataTrac battery monitoring device
• Simple graphics and easy-to-use functionality
• 320 feet of wireless range
• Available fully loaded on a Netbook, or on Windows XP SP3, Vista, or Windows 7 PC
• Reports can be exported or shared as .jpgs, .pdfs, Word docs, or Excel formats
• Reliable and accessible Technical Support